Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday report

Class today was very interesting. We worked on paring leather and creating spines and corners for books, and also the little headband at the top of the spine.

I also did the edge decoration on my book, and started on the second. I'm surprised how much I enjoy that! I'm a very non-artsy person, but I liked mixing the colors I wanted, and doing some little splatter effects. After the edges were painted, the teacher loaned us an agate burnishing tool that shined the surface up like crazy - it's SO neat looking!

The schedule has gotten changed some. The teacher needs to leave town for a couple days for a family emergency, so we're taking our 'weekend' tomorrow and Friday. Then we'll have class straight through Satuday-Friday of next week.

I'm a little disappointed that I won't be able to get to church Sunday. There was one here in town that I was looking forward to visiting. But I trust God was superintending the schedule!

I haven't mentioned the makeup of the class.

There are 8 students, including me.

One is from Hong Kong
One from Alaska
Two from Wisconsin
One from Kentucky
and 3 of us from Michigan.

It's quite a neat group of folks, thought quite opposite from me politically. That has made for some interesting discussions! Four of us are staying here at the same motel, and able to ride to class together, so that's created an almost summer-camp-like atmosphere that I'm enjoying.

Computer started blue-screening again tonight. So the problem is obviously NOT fixed. But I was too weary to call tech support back again. Maybe tomorrow. :)

So ... no pictures, though I took plenty!

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