Friday, May 01, 2009

why I'm glad I'm not a nurse

List of office equipment that has died in my presence in the last two weeks:

Imac (twice)
folding machine
digital duplicator

Now, none of these died at my hand, but if I were a nurse, and these were people, circumstantial evidence would necessitate a police investigation, I'm afraid.

Imac is up and running again.

Folding machine and duplicator both currently dead.

Copy machine still running, but who knows ...

On another note, yesterday I was witness to one of the most vicious cases of spite I have seen in a long time.

A (currently mentally ill) husband rented a dumpster, and threw out all of his wife's most loved possessions. They sat out in the rain all day. The dumpster-company-owner kindly us help her retrieve them last night, behind a warehouse, where they were sitting, soaked, in the mud.


Kristen & Cliff said...

How did you manage to kill your mac? I don't even back stuff up on mine. I just read yesterday's post and love the sign. I'm sure a board or committee struggled with every last word and then (except for the tank top and shorts part) says absolutely nothing that anyone would ever actually apply to themselves. After all, who ever gets up on Sunday morning and things, "gee, I think I'll wear this immodest tank top today."

Trinka said...

Imac had a bad hard drive. I lost all the info once, restored it, and thought it was fine. Then the hard drive died dead. So it was a two-week series of events.

Yeah, that sign just flabbergasted me. Good grief.

And about that computer? Back it up. Really. Life is uncertain. for $50/year, you can have everything backed up on Carbonite's servers. YOur house floods, or your computer gets stolen ... and everything is out there waiting for you on the internet.