Thursday, April 30, 2009

Welcoming, isn't it?

Please note - this is NOT from my church, or any other you're likely to enter unawares!


Rachel L said...

From somewhere like a small town in New Hampshire, about 1972?

Anonymous said...

Actually, I tend to agree with this poster. No, God doesn't care what we wear as long as it doesn't break any other commandment (I'm thinking modesty here). But what is wrong with dressing with dignity and respect? Can't we at least wear what we would wear to an important job interview? If clothes matters there doesn't it matter a little bit when we approach the throne of our Creator?

Trinka said...

I, personally, don't want to be sloppy and ratty when coming to church. However ... I also want to create an atmosphere where people are welcome no matter WHAT they're wearing.

If I'm on my way back from a long trip, and squeal into the parking lot just in time ... I should feel free to join my family in worship without worrying about what I'm wearing.

If a visitor comes who can't afford nice clothes, I want him or her to feel like THEY are important, not what they're wearing.

The idea of mandating what people can wear into a worship service (and by implication, what people are "good enough" to enter the service) strikes me as so exclusionary.