Thursday, April 16, 2009

Flirting with Strangers' Babies

In the post office this morning, there was a little guy in a stroller waiting for his mom to finish her business at the counter.

He was shrieking ... you know the shriek ... it feels like someone is using a rasp to re-shape your brain stem?

It entered my mind to go up to the front and flirt with the little guy. The shrieking diminished considerably, and nobody arrested me for kidnapping. (I'm always concerned if I show interest in someone's child, that they'll expect me to run out the door with him/her).

Flirting with strangers' babies ... I think this is going to be my new approach to the shrieking. (Someone please come and bail me out, if I end up imprisoned.)

Looking forward to a weekend with the adorable nieces (and their parents). Yippeee!

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