Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thoughts on Restoration

OK ... not in the spiritual sense ...

Working on my laptop, while watching Carbonite restore the Mac. It has 48,531 files to go, and has 73,606 done.

I'll feel SO good once everything is back to normal again!

The last two weeks have been SO stressful. Looking forward to a visit to some friends in Missouri in a few weeks ... a get-away will feel very good.

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Deborah said...

So where is that savvy Mac guy who loves pushing a single button to do your laundry, wash your dishes, make your bed, and restore your Mac; all while the PC nerd has his nose in a manual twice as thick as a pulpit Bible?

So how would you compare/contrast this technological restoration with spiritual restoration?! At least the robins have new life, even if your computer doesn't yet.

Hang in there TJ, and keep looking up.