Friday, May 29, 2009

My Father's Secret War

I'm reading My Father's Secret War (or rather, listening to it in the car).

It's written by a lady who discovered that her dad was a spy in World War II, and it tells not only about his experiences during the war, but also how she got him to talk about it.

His stories are fascinating. But I can't get over the irritation that she's badgering this old man to reveal things he's promised to keep secret. She seems to take such pride in tricking him into talking about this stuff. I keep wanting to slap her!

I'm going to finish it (hopefully this weekend, before the library police come after me), because I am enjoying hearing about him. But she and I? We would NOT get along well.

Every time she asks him about it (and she does it a LOT), he tells her he promised not to talk about it. Then she begins to badger, wheedle and trick. It's happened several times per chapter. (When she's not snooping through his stuff.)

I'm as curious as anybody (and probably a lot more than most), but there's something to be said for honoring and supporting others' commitments.

My sister-in-law posted the most precious account of my nieces' thoughts on memorial day. Have a look - it was a blessing.

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