Thursday, May 28, 2009

One of those fun get-to-know others emails

Please leave your answers in the comments!

First Job:
Cleaning the church when the regular janitor went on vacation

First Real Job:
Pet-store pooper-scooper ... also, coincidentally, a very early-morning job. I guess that preference started early!

First Favorite Politician:
I remember liking Jimmy Carter's smile ... he seemed friendly. Obviously I wasn't very sensitive to political issues yet!

First Car:
1984 (I think) Ford Escort. It burned up in my driveway less than a year after I bought it. Oddly enough, while in flames, it started itself and drove into the side of the house. That was a very exciting evening.

First Record/CD:
My dad sent me two records that were my first - A collection of Irish Rovers' childrens' songs, and music from Carousel

First Sport Played:
ALMA (Athens Little Miss America) Softball. It was quickly determined that I had no aptitude for athletics. :)

First Concert:
Petra in the early 80's

First Foreign Country Visited:

First Favorite TV Show:

First Favorite Actor:
Greg Evigan (or however you spell it) on BJ & the Bear (my, but the late 70's had a lot of embarrassing television!)

First Favorite Actress:
Kate Somebody on Charlie's Angels (see comment above about embarrassing tv shows!)

First Girlfriend/Boyfriend:
Still looking for one!

First Encounter with a Famous Person:
Still waiting for this one too ... though not really concerned about seeing it happen. :)

First Brush With Death:
Not really a direct answer to the question, because my worrying-mother would read it and freak out ... but here's my first brush with not worrying about brushes with death: Mom always used to warn us, when we were going over to our grandparents', "stay away from the power take-off on tractors." We would dutifully nod, and assure her that we would. Neither one of us knew what a power take-off was, nor did we ask. :)

First House/Condo Owned:
The one I'm in now - moved in 6 years ago in July.

First Film Seen:
Charlotte's Web, at the theater in Bronson

First Favorite Recording Artist:
Shawn Cassidy (there's that 70's embarrassment again)

First Favorite Radio Station:
Christian station from Elkhart we could get if the wind was blowing just right.

First Book I Remember Reading:
The Black Stallion series. I scoured every available library for them.

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Rachel L said...

I'm so old I can't remember my firsts.