Monday, May 11, 2009

The Lighting Corner in Grandville

This is why I do business on the internet ...

I was looking for a lampshade for an oddly-sized lamp, and having no luck finding one.

So I went into a local lighting store. I knew I'd be paying a lot for a shade, but I had hopes of finding one the right size.

The salesman did help me find one, though it had to be ordered.

I paid ... well I'm embarrassed to say what I paid. Let's just say, it was more than the lamp itself, and about ten times what a lampshade should cost.

At the time I ordered it, the salesman said, "if it doesn't sit right, just bring in your harp, and we'll swap it out" and gestured to a bunch of out-of-package harps hanging on the wall by the shades.

"well," think I, "there is the advantage to dealing with a local business instead of buying online."

So, after waiting six weeks, I picked up ridiculously-expensive-lampshade last Friday, and it doesn't sit quite right on the lamp.

Today, I go in, and ask for a smaller harp.

The same salesman has absolutely no memory of the previous conversation. Nope ... he never would have done that. Couldn't happen.

I chose NOT to buy the smaller harp from them. In fact, I think I will choose to never buy anything from them.

I am miffed.


Kristen & Cliff said...

Grrrr, give him a tract! ;)

Trinka said...

I sure wish I could remember the incident that comment is based on. :)

Feeling more tract-inclined now ... but certainly wasn't this morning!