Monday, November 12, 2007

Daydreaming about Dogs

I've always loved dogs, but the daydream of getting a puppy has been quite persistent lately. My main reason for not thinking of a puppy up until this point in my life has been that it didn't seem right to leave a dog alone for all the hours when I'm away at work.

The new addition to our church is such that I'll have an office to myself. (The one I'm in now doubles as a work room and storage.) This relates because having my own office would (probably) mean I could bring a dog with me to work, providing it was well trained. (I'd have to make sure that the leadership didn't have a problem with that concept!)

However, my condo doesn't allow pets. And my basic plan was to be in it for 10-15 years before I considered something closer to work, with laundry facilities, and the ability to have a dog.

So ... if I've still got 5-10 years before I could have a pet, I REALLY shouldn't be choosing breeds (German Shepherd), should I? :)

(photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

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Kristen said...

That is so sad! Our dog will be one on the 17th!