Thursday, February 21, 2008

a soldier in the family again ...

Not a new one actually ... the same one, just signed up again.

Congratulations to my brother, who's leaving in a month for officer training.

We're all a little blown away by how FAST this is happening, and he and his wife probably the MOST blown away.

But I'm quite proud of him for serving our country, though a little sad at the thought of him having to miss some time with his family to do so.

As the machinery in my life continues to deteriorate rapidly ... the power steering went out on my car yesterday. GOODNESS but that thing felt like a lumber wagon! The Saturn dealer seems to think it was caused by a buildup of ice under the car, and after running it through a car wash, it does seem to be doing fine. But it was a VERY weird experience.

My laptop is due to be home again today, and so blogging should resume more faithfully.

I started a word study Sunday afternoon on anxiety that I'm anxious :) to write about, but there just isn't time when I'm using work's computer!

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