Sunday, June 01, 2008

enjoying my time in Dallas

So far, the time here has been a real treat. I've gotten some great visits with D., and the retreat went very well.

She was speaking on Atonement (becoming one with) God, and Atonement with Others. So we got some great visits about what it means to know God, and forgive those who have wronged us. The ladies who were there seemed to almost all have a lot of hurts in their life, and so it was a blessing that this topic was discussed.

The camp was beautiful, and I really had some great visits, also, with D's friend A., who came along too.

Today, I visited D's church - St. Philips Episcopal. They are a neat congregation - there is a real desire to learn their Bibles, and be involved in missions work. And folks are very friendly. I always enjoy visiting, even though Episcopal worship is QUITE different from what I'm used to. I guess new cultural experiences are always good!

Then this afternoon, I went along with D., and she did a Bible study on the HIV ward of Homeward Bound drug treatment hospital. There were about 7 people attending, and I really enjoyed meeting all of them. One fellow had the neatest comment. We were talking, in general, about how God can restore a person's innocence, but at some point Joshua marching around Jericho was brought up. This fellow mentioned that it was God asking them to have faith in Him, when He had the city conquered by this strange pattern of marching. The man said, "He could have just as well asked them to hop around the city on one leg, wearing a chicken mask." The image just popped into my mind of this big army hopping, with chicken-heads. I think I won't ever read Joshua 2 again without remembering that! :)

Tomorrow we have a surprise planned for D.'s friend Sunrise. She has been wanting a shed built in her back yard, and has the foundation started. We're hoping to buy some lumber and build the floor supports while she's at work.

Hope your day was a good one!


Kristen & Cliff said...

Sounds interesting! Enjoy your time there!

Bob said...

Forgiving those who have wronged us has to be one of the most difficult, but also most healthy thing about our faith.