Friday, June 27, 2008

thoughts on spontaneity

After the last post, thought I should try and put something up that was at least a LITTLE less cynical. (Lest D. see it, be affronted at my over-the-top-right-wingedness, and never read my blog again). :)

I am the world's least spontaneous person. Truly.

Those who know me are completely aware of this, but I was considering yesterday how this quality enters into so many little decisions.

Yesterday in the car, I was in the right lane (of 3), in preparation for an exit about a half mile ahead of me.

I saw several people driving in the left lane, who turned their blinker on, and moved over two lanes to the right, in order to get onto the same exit ramp I was using.

It struck me how foreign that would be to me. The only reason I could envision myself doing this is if I had suddenly realized I was missing my exit.

There was no last-minute-panic going on with these folks. They just didn't bother to move over until they were ready to exit.

I'll bet if someone calls those folks to suggest an evening out that same day, their first response would be "yes, sounds like fun!" I always have to mentally go through my plans for the evening first ... important plans like, "I was planning to water the plants on the balcony and empty the dishwasher," before I'm able to tear myself away from the original schedule and adapt to the new idea.

I'm glad I have spontaneous friends ... otherwise I think I'd turn into one of those little old ladies who "can't go out on Monday, because that's the night I clip my toenails." :)

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