Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Unreasonably proud of this

The gun class last night was great! There were only 4 of us, and the teacher had a nice balance of making things very basic without talking down to us.

He set out all different kinds of hand-guns and explained how they worked, showed us how to hold them properly, load and unload them, and told us there was no live ammunition in the room.

Then he would use dummy bullets, and hand us each a gun, and ask us if it was loaded or not.

It was a very good experience -- gave me a lot of confidence that I understand how they work, and can handle them safely.

And I discovered in the end-of-class practice session that I really enjoy shooting. I brought my target home, and am quite proud of how I did! :) (Though I'm NOT proud of the fact I can't figure out how to rotate a picture on a Mac. Grrrr!!!! ... I can do it in a half dozen different programs and fashions on a PC. There's an obvious educational deficiency waiting to be addressed! The bottom of the target is actually on the right of the above picture.

The teacher said that if I practiced between now and then, I shouldn't have any problem with the CCW class, so I'm looking forward to that also!

Of course, the untold story of the target picture is that the instructor was really setting us up for success on our first try. He only put the targets about 10 feet away. :) But, it gave me the opportunity to try it, and I could see how I can improve with practice.

I just love learning new things. I wish I could make a living taking classes. :)

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Anonymous said...

A career student?
You did good for first shooting!