Friday, May 02, 2008

the benefits of being a worry-prone person

The other day, a friend shared a thought from a book she was reading.

If a person is prone to worry, they already have cultivated the skills needed to meditate on Scripture.

I've thought about that a lot.

Worriers take a situation and turn and twist it in their minds, examining it like a favorite treasure. They disassemble and reassemble it in every conceivable way.

That's what meditation is (the Christian version anyway!) ... taking a passage of Scripture, and mulling it over, examining the word choices and themes, thinking about why one thing was said and not another, looking at connections with other passages, etc.

One ... worry ... tears a person's mind apart, and profits nothing.

The other ... meditation ... builds faith and a strong mind, and profits much.

I know which I'd prefer to pursue!


Bob said...

A perspective I had not thought about. I believe thee is truth in what you are writing.

Bob said...

there, not thee (baby on lap)