Friday, March 14, 2008

Not good ... not good at all

I am finding people exceptionally irritating today.

The phone has been ringing off the hook, and a higher-than-usual percentage of the calls were people asking me to make another phone call.

For example:

"Could you call and ask Joe ____________"

"Hi Joe, Bob asked me to ask you _________________."

"I'm not sure, did Bob want ___________ or _______________?"

"Hi Bob, Joe wondered if you wanted ________________ or ____________?"

"If __________ then I want ____________, or else, if ___________, then ___________. See which one will take more time, could you?"


Now ... if it appears obvious to you that Joe & Bob speaking to ONE ANOTHER would be far more efficient? You would be correct.

But, you see, Bob doesn't have Joe's phone number with him, and so ... it's WAY easier to keep dialing my number, which he has on speed dial, and my constant call-backs for further information don't seem to clue him in that this is not the best system.