Wednesday, December 26, 2007

yikes, that was close!

On my way home from my mom’s yesterday I was on a road that has a big open field along one side.

An elderly man in a monster, tank-like car was driving right on my back bumper.

In the field was a deer, and I saw it coming at me.

I had to slow down to an almost-stop and get off onto the shoulder to avoid it.

Mr. right-on-the-bumper didn’t slow down at ALL, and started to go around me.

Fortunately he finally saw the deer. He must have been so focused on my back bumper and wanting to pass me that he wasn’t seeing ANYTHING else, because that deer was VERY visible (and very large!)

The poor fellow must have been from California ... where 5 mph over the speed limit isn't nearly fast enough, and they don't HAVE to watch for deer!

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Anonymous said...

Either that or he's one of those folks who hits 20 deer a year and always blames someone else.

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