Monday, December 31, 2007

visiting a new church

Yesterday the church where I work & attend held our first service in our new addition. We built on a sanctuary, kitchen, classrooms and BATHROOMS (can you tell we needed those?) that more than doubled the size of our facility.

Meeting there for the first time was very strange! It was like visiting a friend's church ... but having everyone I know visit along with me. Very odd, really!

"So, Trinka, what are your plans for New Years? Particularly since you took today off from work, you must have something exciting planned, right?"

"Yes! Very exciting! I'm de-cluttering, organizing, getting rid of stuff, etc. Starting with my basement storage room, which is in deplorable condition."

"No party?"

"What? Party? Who needs a party when you can have EMPTY SHELVES?"

Have a safe evening everyone!

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