Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter and National Defense

Does anyone find it ironic that the New York Times will, without apology, publish government secrets that will endanger our country ... yet what people REALLY pitch a fit about is that they've publishing a review of the new Harry Potter book prior to the release date?

We've got some seriously mixed up priorities in this country.

I've been working on that "couch potato to runner" schedule, but haven't gotten past the first week. My brother recommended wearing a heart monitor that will tell you what pace to run at ... and mine still hasn't gotten past the "slow down, you're over your limit" mantra. I decided I'd keep repeating Week 1 until the electronic nag will cease pestering me throughout the last half of the session. But younger-brother definitely has a point -- I've been trying to go WAY too fast, and that's why running has been a lot of not-fun-activity so far in my life. Though when I comply with the electronic nag's wishes, I'm going SO slow that I could actually WALK faster. I'm hoping this is a short-lived phase!

I've also started making some jewelry to try and sell on Etsy. It's a site that sells hand-made things, and I like what I see there. I'll let you know when I have a store up and running.

Plans for the weekend: none. My FAVORITE! :)

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