Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rhymes that set your teeth on edge

Does anyone else have them?

There are some words that seem to always be rhymed in songs and poetry, and when I hear them, it makes me cringe.

sorrow & tomorrow
(the worst one, by virtue of just how OFTEN it's used)

angels or choirs singing & bells ringing

one notable, not by how common it is, but rather how UNcommon, and yet how annoying
amnesia and anesthesia (an otherwise pleasant song, ruined when that rhyme pops up and assaults the listener)

There are others too ... where you hear the first word, and you can almost write the next line, because you just KNOW what they're going to rhyme with it.

I was in a store yesterday, and heard the "angels singing" blah blah blah "bells ringing" one, and it got me thinking of just how distracting it is from the actual song or poem ... all you hear is that repetitive combination.

Anyhow ... these English comp. musings brought to you by "boring her readers to death" Trinka



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