Saturday, April 19, 2008

spring giddies

It's reached the time where flowers are popping up, birds are everywhere, and it's warm enough to leave windows open, and enjoy having the house smell fresh.

And the spring giddies are rushing at full power.

In every conversation, I find myself, and the other person, mentioning often how nice it is to see the sun. And between those statements, people glance out the windows and sigh.

Last night, I wanted to watch TV, but I didn't want to come inside, so I sat out on my balcony with headphones, and watched my computer. :)

I remember last year in the late winter, I went to visit a friend in Texas. She was inside her church working on something, and I was waiting for her outdoors.

I stretched out on the grass, closed my eyes, and just soaked in the sunshine.

Some ladies came out of the church, and were standing around, trying to decide who was going to walk over and make sure I was OK. :)

Fortunately my friend came out at that point, and told them I wasn't a vagabond, or insane ... I was just a northerner with the spring giddies.

Enjoy it everyone!

And ... did I mention how wonderful it is to see the sun?

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