Monday, April 07, 2008

can I borrow a gun?

How fun is it to call and ask someone that question? :)

I've long felt that it was a deficiency in my education that I don't know how to handle guns safely. So when I saw that there's a firing range in Grand Rapids that gives beginners lessons, I thought I might sign up for one.

But you've got to bring your own gun. Not being inclined to purchase armament right now, I called my mother and asked if I could borrow hers.

Some people borrow bread pans and lawn mowers ... in our family, we borrow firearms.

Kind of a strange bunch, I suppose ...


Anonymous said...

Depending on what you're wanting to shoot you could try the Silver Bullet store. They have an indoor range and I believe they'll loan/rent handguns and provide instruction. Of course if you'd like to invest in gas to drive out to your cousins house there's a whole arsenal out here for you to try and we can shoot in the back yard. Just not at any of the birds that I make nest in the trees instead of on the deck.

Trinka said...

That's the place where I'm taking the classes (the "gums for dummies" class, and then the ccw class a month later.)

That back yard visit sounds like fun! I might take you up on that once I've learned how not to kill myself or others (unnecessarily). :)

You've got trees? How did you get TREES? I've got bricks, and the occasional geranium. :)

Anonymous said...

A difference in employment types I guess. You live near work you get bricks and geraniums. I live near work and I get a forest.

Also, I quite certain we can keep you from shooting anything other than the intended target (or somewhere in that approximate area).