Friday, May 30, 2014

A News-Free Summer

Returning to the original purpose of this blog ... a place to hold myself accountable ...

It's bad out there.  Has anyone noticed?  And it's getting worse.  The headlines and sound bites, pictures and videos send me onto an emotional see-saw between outrage and despair.

In 2013, a friend began to blog, about her attempt to purge cynicism from her life in 2013.  When she began, I remember thinking it sounded like an impossible goal.  I've really appreciated her posts.

Today, while lamenting the state of the world in a conversation with my pastor & friend, he suggested I cut out the news. My immediate reaction was very negative.  So negative, in fact, that I found myself considering it all afternoon.  It's not like I enjoy the news.  It's more like I feel compelled to know what's going on in the world.  I resist being seen as ill-informed.  I want to be prepared in any way I can for what's coming.

And yet ...

Am I learning anything new?  Really?

I've been editing a paper recently based on Ecclesiastes 1:9 - What has been will be again; What has been done will be done again; There is nothing new under the sun.

How does this relate?

Well, back to today's conversation, he pointed out that what I'm seeing that weighs on me is simply age-old themes repeating.  While the situation may be worsening, it is not changing. 

  • The world is still in rebellion against God.
  • People are still inherently evil and pursue self-interest
  • Everything is still decaying, wearing out, winding down.  (Second law of thermodynamics)
  • Power still corrupts.
  • There are still isolated bright spots ... which are bright precisely because they violate the above.

So, why not turn it off for a while?  Why not take a break?  Why not, as he said, "turn off Glenn Beck and read your Bible."

I believe I will.  I'm going to take the summer off -- try to enjoy God more, and think about the world less.

If by chance it would be wise to lock my windows and load the guns, could somebody please let me know?  :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Trinka,

I think that would be a good idea for me, too. Just give it up for the summer. I think I might watch the weather, though. I usually get home too late to watch the news at night, and by the time the 10:00 news comes on, I fall asleep. I do enjoy watching Fox 17 in the morning, the same way that I watch movies with Rick. (while doing other things). I have to keep myself from going to TV news websites, and reading through threads. That is the worst. Good for you. That's why I gave up watching Cable news - it drove me down. (I was going to say crazy). said...

I'm thankful for news on the internet, where I can pick and choose what to read or watch (and definitely turn off any whiners). The talking heads make me crazy. We simply want the news...not all the drama and self-aggrandizing. Thanks for the post. I enjoyed knowing I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

With Internet based news, I can read articles from many different political views and different countries (so it is not just Republicans and Democrats).

However, avoiding the news sounds like it might be a good idea.