Friday, March 18, 2011

Next Project

A family at church brought in this Bible to be worked on. It's a big one! Maybe 10 pounds? Heavy enough that you don't sling it around lightly!
Fortunatley the leather is in good shape. The front and back hinges need to be re-done, and the outside signatures re-sewn.
I have the cover off, and am hoping to re-sew the signatures this weekend, and start repairing the cover.

Because it's so big, and so nice, I'm finding the idea of putting a needle into it very intimidating! The text block is sitting on my sewing frame right now ... and I go over and look at it periodically. But at some point, I am going to HAVE to poke some holes and start sewing!

Maybe tomorrow ...

On the other hand, I AM getting some housework done, as I'm avoiding the scary Bible. Normally it works the opposite way ... the books get done, and the house gets ignored!
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Rachel L said...

This looks intimidating enough that I will pray about it for/with you.

Trinka said...

Got the loose signatures re-sewn, and the spine liner on. Now I'm working on mending the cover. Coming along nicely, but slowly, as I keep reviewing my notes to be sure I'm not missing anything!