Saturday, February 21, 2009

I admit it ... I watch Survivor

My sister-in-law and I occasionally watch it "together." (meaning, we text message each other during the show.

It always takes a while to learn who's who, and their personalities. But for the initial few episodes, I'm always just hoping for people to get voted out who have brought inadequate swimwear. I live ALONE and I'm embarrassed.

Clothes ladies ... clothes are good.

They know they're going to play a game that's athletic, and long-lasting. Maybe a swimsuit that actually is ... you know ... designed to stay ON when you breathe?

And there is always complaining about being cold at night.

Again ... clothes ... maybe bring clothes containing actual fabric?

Instead of strategically-placed rubber bands?


Rachel L said...

I haven't ever seen it and I'm embarrassed just reading this.

Trinka said...

Thou art more righteous than I. :)