Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The tale of the smitten grandpa

This is my father.

You may notice he is carrying a bottle of Hershey's syrup.

You see, while I was visiting over Labor Day weekend, they ran out of syrup.

At dinner, dad happened to ask adorable-niece-number-two (A.N.#2) if she liked syrup on her ice cream.

A.N.#2 said, "yes."

So, in between dinner and dessert, my father (who, I seem to recall, would have told my brother and I to "suck it up" ... or something similar in a situation like this) ... drove to the store and bought Hershey's syrup for A.N.#2.


He sure did.

Smitten. The poor man is smitten.

(And in A.N.#2's defense ...she did not wine, or cry, at the idea of no syrup. In fact, she didn't even eat it when it came. She simply expressed a preference.)

Methinks the poor man has gone most soft in the light of those little brown eyes!

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Kristen said...

Well written and a very accurate portrayal! Everyone loves a brown eyed girl, but it helps when it is accompanied by an adorable laugh!