Thursday, February 04, 2010

One of those rambling, full of miscellany updates

Quite a few things rolling around in my head ... but none of them enough for a post ... so I'll combine them. Assuming that only those who know me actually READ this, there might be something in here of interest. :)

I've just finished reading In the Land of Invented Languages. It's a study of different attempts people have made to create a language "from scratch."

While it's not written from a Judeo-Christian perspective, I found it interesting to read from that perspective. The Bible talks about why we have different languages. (in short ... mankind had gotten too big for their britches, and were, as a whole, acting in direct disobedience to God. He thwarted their plans by confusing their languages, so they couldn't collaborate as easily).

In the Land of Invented Languages talked about the way our language ties in with our philosophy of life, and culture. It also lists one after another how people's attempts to create a "logical" language have failed. Interestingly enough, the one invented language that HAS gained a tiny bit of ground (including a handful of "native speakers" who grew up in households where it was their first language) is Esperanto. And that's one of the few invented languages that carried with it its own cultural bias and philosophy (the peace/love/mother earth thing).

Well ... anyway ... that wasn't as well formulated as I'd like ... but you get what you pay for on this here 'ole blog. :)

I've been reading through the Bible this year with Robert Murray M'Cheyne's reading plan. I'm a couple weeks behind already, but not letting that deter me. Fortunately there's no grade hanging on whether I finish on time or not. :)

I guess that's it -- I'd best be getting myself to work.


Brian Barker said...

As an Esperanto speaker I thought that Arika was very positive towards Esperanto.

Did you kow that Chinese Radio International, broadasts in the language :) See

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Trinka said...

Thanks for your comment Brian!

If you have time, I think folks might be really interested to learn about your experience also.

How did you decide to learn the language?

Any experiences you could share that you've had with Esperanto?

Thanks for your comment!!