Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tractors, Four-Wheelers and the Garden Police

The girls had a great time today getting rides on my step-dad's four-wheeler and tractor. Youngest niece loved going fast on the four-wheeler. Oldest niece loved that she was allowed to steer the tractor. She did pretty well too ... no trees suffered in the course of this vacation activity. :)



Then there was the garden police.

Meijer Gardens has a children's garden. Normally when I've been there before on a weekday, there's been hardly anyone there. I was so looking forward to my nieces being able to experience it.

Until ... (cue music) ...

The garden police got us.

The children's garden was just jam-packed with a visiting school group. And there were quite a few adults keeping an eye on things.

One of the most fun areas is a display of the Great Lakes, and the kids can sail little boats and splash in it.

So ... the nieces kick off their shoes, and dive in to have fun with the other kids.

A member of the garden police snagged them and ordered them to put their shoes back on. This was an exhibit, and not intended for splashing. (No fun here! Move along children!). Grrrr!

They were across the exhibit from us, so they faced scary garden-police-woman all by themselves when they were apprehended. They looked just terrified!

That really put a damper on things. Both for the kids and the adults. Oddly enough, a BUNCH of the other kids were bare-foot, and almost any time I visit the gardens, I'm wandering around barefoot any time I'm outside.
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Here are some garden pictures once we'd recovered from being shamed as law-breakers. :)

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